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Haddha  15/05/2015
Can I use your font for commercial? Please let me know. Thank you.
t'Plakkerke  21/05/2015
hi, this font can be used for commercial use?
thank you
r3nie  25/05/2015
Hi, I have the same question,what about commercial use?
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   25/05/2015
Commercial use is fine! :)
Thanks for downloading
1c3qu33n  27/05/2015
byjanam  07/07/2015
Wow, such a wonderful font! :)
Ran  25/07/2015
This font is amazing, i'm in love with it *-*
eugeniacanada  12/08/2015
Can I use it for a logo competition? If I win, the logo will have your font for a comercial use, it is ok for you?
Thank you very much!
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   17/08/2015
Yeah, that's fine!
JonnaB  01/09/2015
Hi! Will you add å, ä, ö for Scandinavian users?
bestlifeever  08/09/2015
You and your font are awesome! I'll be using it on planner inserts. Thank you!
hananekebaili  09/10/2015
I can't download the font :(
valerie41  01/11/2015
Hi! can this be used for things like YouTube videos too (mainly for the thumbnail of a video)? i know it says its fine to use for "commercial use", but i wanted to make 100% sure that this is okay toom :).
valerie41  01/11/2015
oops spelling error i meant: too*.
valerie41  01/11/2015
oh and for the use of my YouTube banner?
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   04/11/2015
It is 100% free :) Enjoy
valerie41  04/11/2015
ah amazing! thank you so much! i absolutely LOVE this font.
estrella230  06/11/2015
i sell key charms (with text), T-Shirts with (text) etc.. and i search for a font that i can use for all the things that i make myself.its only a Little production - for Christmas markets and max. 100 a year. is this ok for you? it is also allowed to make logos, Flyers, web etc. with your font? i love it!!
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   06/11/2015
Yes of course. Thanks for loving it :D
Hi Amanda!

It looks like you are okay with your font being used commercially for free. I want to confirm we can use your font for our t-shirts to be sold in stores. Do we need to purchase a license for this?

If so, you can e-mail me at:

Thank you!
I love this font! I have the same commercial use question as Susie.
Please let me know.
Thank you!
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   25/11/2015
The font is 100% free for both personal and commercial use, so please go for it!
Thanks for using it :)
monica.estrada  03/12/2015
Such a wonderful font! so beautiful :D
lumagogu  28/12/2015
Thanks for the font amandaaeliza, it´s beautiful :)
miraal  31/12/2015
Hi! I really love this font! Just commenting to let you know that I want to downlaod it and save it to potentially use for the future for commercial use on Instagram (no company logo or anything, just to write a funny joke or something!) Thank you so much!
Stefsergio  21/01/2016

I would like to use this font for my makeup business logo, is this allowed?
Please let me know :)

amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   23/01/2016
Thats fine! Go for it :)
malcombenites  25/01/2016
Amanda, it seems like everyone is loving this font! We love it too! we would love to use this is for commercial use, will you please reach out to me at giving is written consent for using your font? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!
SAGCM  26/01/2016
Hi Amanda, love your font - great job! I would like to use it in vector based graphics that will be sold and downloaded, is that ok? Thanks in advance :) -- Sarah
jenzeanodesigns  29/01/2016
Hello Amanda! Absolutely love this font! Will you please reach out to me at giving us a written consent for using your font? Thanks in advance, seriously love this font!!
vannmade  03/02/2016
Hi Amanda! Love your work, I'd like to use this font for commercial use, if its ok with you and can u please send me a written consent (email: TY in advance.
andreagb8  05/02/2016
Hi Amanda!
First of all I want to say congrats to you for such an amazing and beautiful font!
As I have read in your previous messages, I just want to ensure myself that I am allowed to use your font for commercial use. It will be used in my logo and in my notebook and stationery business.
Thank you and congrats once again!!!
rmunson  18/02/2016
Amanda, you did a wonderful job! My t-shirt company would love to use this font for commercial use! Will you please reach out to me at giving written consent for using your font? Thank you in advance!
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   20/02/2016
Thanks for all the lovin!
It is fine for all commercial and personal use. Please feel free to use it :)
edengonzalez  14/04/2016
Hi Amanda! I love your font. I like to link back to your site on mine. Do you have one? Thanks, This font is beautiful!
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   15/04/2016
Hi edengonzalez
The only link I can give you at the moment is to my Bechance profile

Thanks for your comment :)
holsav  25/04/2016
Hi There Amanda,

It seems you are happy for commercial use but i just wanted to confirm this is okay for personalised prints that i sell?

Many thanks, its lovely :-)
sianweber  25/05/2016
Hi Amanda, am i able to use this font for a school assignment ?
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   26/05/2016
Yeah thats fine :)
PaperStore  04/06/2016
Hi There!

Beautiful font! May I use this font for commercial use? Examples of my work include printed invitations and cut lettering for scrapbooks and party banner/bunting.
lb28  06/06/2016
Hi Amanda - is it okay to use this font as a web font for commercial use?
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   29/06/2016
Hi PaperStone and lb28 - Yes that is fine :) Thanks for checking
aadamoo  05/07/2016
On your behance entry ( ) for this font you have symbols for left and right parenthesis "()" but when I download this font I don't seem to have those? Am I doing something wrong?

Hope you can help! :)
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   07/07/2016
Hey aadamoo - I've had a couple of emails about this and am not actually sure what happened! When I made the font they worked, but don't know what is happening.

Hahaha sorry I wish I could help! I'd love to know what is happening with it too
vsit28  20/07/2016
Hi Amanda,

Looking at the comments, it looks like your font 'Luna' here is free for Commercial and Personal use. But I just wanted to confirm with you: would it be okay to use your font for a client's site logo? Also, what about modifications (i.e. for the logo)?

Please let me know! (Your font is beautiful!)

Thanks!! :)
sschleiger  26/09/2016
Hi Amanda,

Just a headsup, there is a seller on Etsy who is claiming this font as his own and has given it a new name to sell it. You can report it to Etsy to have it removed and stop him from making money selling your work. I've attached the link to the listing below.
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   27/09/2016
Omg, thank you for telling me. I'll have a look right now. :(
JessJess1987  11/10/2016
Hi Amanda, Love the font! I can't wait to use it, hopefully on some greeting cards I design and make myself -- hope this OK :) Thanks for sharing!
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   12/10/2016
Hey JessJess1987, thats totally fine! Enjoy :)
Fonts 4 u  27/10/2016
I'm in love with this font! I often use it for YouTube fan edits. Please make more fonts!;) And thanks for making ä,ö and ü because I'm from Germany
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   28/10/2016
Thanks Fonts 4 u! More fonts are on the way :)
hijopi  29/11/2016
For some reason I got a script LUNA when I downloaded it without logging in but now I got the correct one.

anyway, THANKYOU! This is beautiful.
brewski189  10/12/2016
Love this!! May I have your permission for commercial use with my sign making business? Can you please reply to my email so I may have consent on hand. Thank you so much!
Huizy77  19/12/2016
Hi! Can I use the font for an E-Newsletter? And for a Christmas card for partners and friends? It´s lovely
Thank you
byndthehstclsrm  17/01/2017
Hi Amanda,

I know you have stated several times this font is okay for commercial use but for my records, could I use this font for commercial use on products I sell? I just need some sort of written consent. At your earliest convenience please email me at ! Your font is gorgeous and super popular!!!!
yellowfire  06/04/2017
Hi Amanda,

Your font is gorgeous. Is it okay for commercial use such as eBook?

Please let me know in my email ( Thank you in advance!
mrmsteven  17/05/2017
Hi amandaaeliza,

I was wondering if there is a licensed version of this font available with special characters (e.g é ë è)?

amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   25/05/2017
Sorry! This one doesn't have the special characters. I'm working on one at the moment that does though :)
jaworek  29/05/2017
Hi, I want to be sure is your font free for commercial use in printing magazines?
Tonyia  07/06/2017
Hello, I love this font. Can I use for commercial use for logos or writing on my artwork?
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   22/06/2017
Jaworek & Tonyia - This font is 100% free for personal and commercial use. Please feel free to use it! :) Thanks for your comments!
jryan1310  07/07/2017
With your permission I would like to use your font on some of the greetings cards I'm planning on making (and hopefully selling!). I also feel it would compliment some of my other illustrations really well. Are you happy for me to do so?
Thank you!
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   08/07/2017
jryan1310, thats fine :)
ajvill  23/07/2017
Hi, I just want to make sure and ask your permission if it is ok for me to use this for commercial use on a logo and other projects. Please let me know when you can. Thanks
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   26/07/2017
Ajvill that's fine :)
myles1946  29/08/2017
Hi - I really love this font. I would like to ask your permission to use this font on some items I sell.
Thanks so much!!
AlejandraPLC  02/09/2017
Hi Amanda, Congratulations your font is amazing. I would like to ask you, if you let me use it for commercial use (logo, label, package)? Or what can i do to use it?
Thank you!
doodle76  02/09/2017
Cool font! Thank you very much for your generousity! Wish the letters ü, ä,ö and ß were included.
sammibee  03/09/2017
LOve love this font, is it ok to use it for the title of my children's book cover? I can send you copy of it if you let me know your email address. Many thanks - Sam
lucyliciousa  05/09/2017
Love your font!!!! can I please use it for my youtube channel i would like to use it for commercial use for logos or writing on my artwork? ... Hope your having an awesome day!
LoveAnimals  28/09/2017
i love your font!! Can I use it for a book?
leanne13  15/10/2017
Hi Amanda, I also love your font Luna. Could I use this for my own range of prints which I am planning to sell?

amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   17/10/2017
Sorry for the late reply to the most recent comments, but yes all of this is fine! :) It's 100% free for personal and commercial use - including products to sell.
Can't want to see it all!
Ignotus  06/11/2017
Hi there,

your font is totally awesome! Thanks a lot!
Would it be possible to add ä,ü,ö and Ä,Ü,Ö and €?

That would be the most awesome thing ;)
Thank you
Ignotus  11/11/2017
Or am I allowed to edit ist by myself with fontforge?
CP1130  13/12/2017
Hello, I make and sell signs and wondered please if i can use your font for this as commercial use? thank you in advance.
rassamee  31/12/2017
Thanks a lot!
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   04/01/2018
All of that is fine :)
Nat1  15/02/2018
Fantastic font! I make and sell greetings cards. Wondered if I can use this font on the cards, for commercial use?
Thanks in advance :)
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   27/02/2018
Hi Nat1
Yes you can! What a great idea! :)
James_BadAlchemy  27/02/2018
Hi! you have an awesome font, and I was wondering if I could use it for text based components in a game? (Commercial use)

Thanks in advance :D
vanessao  11/03/2018
I love your font and I was wondering if I can use it for commercial use?

amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   17/03/2018
But please let me know if you use it because I would love to see how you use it! :)

Please contact me if you have any further questions :)
Fortress Tech  26/06/2018
Good font! I used that for channel banners!
MiskaZenker  26/07/2018
We love your font and we like to use it for commercial use.
We are a very small amateur theater in Ulm/Germany and we like to use it for our Logo and also for our advertising.

Thanks in advance!
MagsieSN  09/12/2018
Hi, first of all, I absolutely love your font. would it be ok for me to use it for commercial purposes please? Am launching a new kids brand. Many thanks :)
gukanuna  13/12/2018
Hey Amanda, thank you so much I will use it for my movie I AM A CREATIVE SOUL a film about dying, living and creativity . :) Working for seven years on this movie without a budget and so grateful to four your fond! Thanks <3
alex-fictus  21/12/2018
Hiya! I absolutely love your font, I've been using it for my youtube end card and thumbnails. Will there be any updates to include parentheses?
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   26/12/2018
Hi all, Luna is free for personal and commercial use.
Thanks for all your interest! I'll keep an eye out for it in use :)

Katharine  17/01/2019
Hi Amanda! I’m starting my own business in which I will be selling merchandise. As your font is free for commercial use I’m going to use it in my logo if that’s ok! Thank you for your font and let me know if you would like to see me logo :)
misterartsy  03/04/2019
Hi Amanda

What an amazing font you have created here. I would love to use it for commercial use on a logo design for a startup company I am setting up. If you could email me at to give me personal written consent that I can use this it would be great :)
misterartsy  04/04/2019
Hi Amanda

What an amazing font you have created here. I would love to use it for commercial use on a logo design for a startup company I am setting up. If you could email me at to give me personal written consent that I can use this it would be great :)
ClaLaStyle  16/05/2019
Hi Amanda,i will like to use it for commercial use in my small shop for handmade Home Decor. Thanks!
ZeroGrafics  28/07/2019
Thank you for this fantastic font!
Natalie_O  28/08/2019
Hi Amanda! I see others have asked about logo use, wanted to get permission to use as part of a logo as well. Thank you!
amandaaeliza  autor de Luna   11/09/2019
Hi everyone!
Luna is fine to use for personal and commercial use.. if you would like to use it for your logos/businesses that’s totally fine.
Thanks for checking though, appreciate that everyone is still asking for permission prior to use :)
mzaini30  08/10/2019
Assalamualaikum. Good morning. I have permission to use the font that you created for my APK: Typography ( If you don't want me to use your font on my APK, please send an email to Then, I will delete the font from my APK.

moleysteele  23/10/2019
LOVE this font! Exactly what I imagined when looking for a pretty (not cursive) handwritten font!
ZeroGrafics  15/01/2020
A very fun handwriting font! Thank you.
VALE03  12/02/2020
Love your font can I use your font?

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