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Italian Breakfast

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RedRunner  28/03/2018
Nice font
RB fonts  autor de Italian Breakfast   28/03/2018
Thank you!
Cutrer  07/04/2018
there is no 0 (zero) so you can't do dates.
RB fonts  autor de Italian Breakfast   08/04/2018
Thanks for spotting this mistake, I Updated the font and fixed it.
sbalzer  11/04/2018
Hi, very nice font. When I download it, there is still no 0 (zero). Could you please upload the updated font? I want to use it for a wedding invitation and I have many dates there ;-)
RB fonts  autor de Italian Breakfast   11/04/2018
Hi, there were no updates yet on this site so the new version is still pending. I have sent it to you in email. Cheers, R.
Andrealeigh  12/04/2018
This font crashed my computer.
ooney  18/04/2018
I love this font!
Can I use this font commercially for my brand logo and name card ?
RB fonts  autor de Italian Breakfast   18/04/2018
@Andrealeigh I wonder what went wrong?...
RB fonts  autor de Italian Breakfast   18/04/2018
@ooney Thank you! I have sent you a DM
bungerland  19/04/2018
Can this font be used for commerical use
RB fonts  autor de Italian Breakfast   19/04/2018
For commercial use please purchase a license at
Jtcdlister  28/04/2018
how do I purchase this commercial use on this font?
jennehancock  07/10/2018
I tried to purchase a font from your site for commercial use but it's wanting to charge $5 for shipping. Is it not a direct download? Tried emailing from the site but it came back to me. Love the font and want to purchase. Can you tell me how to waive the $5 shipping fee?

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