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kreativtheme  07/02/2012
not the full version, but still great for graphic writings
thanks  autor de I'm fashionista!   07/02/2012
Hi kreativtheme, Happy you like it! :)
You can find the FULL and LIGHT versions on !
the_bridge  08/02/2012
This font is incomplete (crippled) beyond belief, don't waste your time downloading and installing it.
Fumbledew  09/02/2012
the_bridge - The font is mainly a paid font, check the authors site, the website has a more complete version and a "Full version with all glyphs.
koeiekat  07/03/2012
The lower case of this thing is nothing but a rip-off of the Olicana.
This thing should be removed from dafont!!  autor de I'm fashionista!   08/03/2012
Sorry Koeiekat, honestly I didn't see Olicana font before then now, but before talk about a rip-off I think would be better check what you're asserting. I checked now the Olicana font and althoug I noticed some similarity in few letters, the overall font is very different. Anyway, please, write me to any comparison: , I will be at your disposal. Best regards,
koeiekat  12/03/2012
@ fonts-lab
I was terribly wrong. My apologies.  autor de I'm fashionista!   13/03/2012
Hi Koeiekat, thanks for getting back after a further check, I've really appreciated it!
nonya24  04/04/2012
This free version is so incomplete, it's not even in the spirit of Dafont. If the free version was more reasonable, I probably would have purchased the light version for commercial use, but this is a total turn off. There are other well-designed handwritten-script fonts out there...
matilda122  24/02/2018
Hi, great font! Can I use it for commercial use?  autor de I'm fashionista!   24/02/2018
Hi @matilda122, the license for commercial uses is available on this page If you have any further question, please get in touch with us through our contact form here, we'll be at your disposal! :)
matilda122  24/02/2018
Hi, great font! Can I use it for commercial use?

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