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typodermic  17/05/2015
I think you should at least be honest and say that it was "inspired by" a very specific font from the late 1990's.
Jaynz  autor de Huggy Bear   17/05/2015
Well, I actually got it from an issue of Polyhedron talking about exploitation flicks in their (at the time) new d20 system, along with the cover images of a couple of older PC games dealing with the same material. If there is a common source for this look, let me know what it is and I'll credit it.
typodermic  21/05/2015
Check out a late 90's font called Husky Stash. It was used in the late 90's and early 2000's for a lot of retro themed material but has inspired by kind of Spice Girls-ish 90' pop.
Jaynz  autor de Huggy Bear   22/05/2015
Yeah, I found that after getting the heads up here. It's possible that I wound up reverse-engineering something close to your font from stuff (Activision, maybe?) that used it. I hope that there's enough of a difference between the two that it won't be an issue, however.
typodermic  22/05/2015
Yeah, no problem. It happens.

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