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mayberae  27/02/2021
When I download it it doesn't give me the right font
addisonraes  28/02/2021
the font doesnt work
eiffelzmeilos  28/02/2021
For me this font doesn't work
macaronschars  28/02/2021
this font doesnt work :(
chzrsblossom  01/03/2021
Why Doesn't it work?
sunkinsmomoi  13/03/2021
did the font get deleted?
_.groselha  14/03/2021
the font doesn't work
woodcutter  autor de Hipster Icons   15/03/2021
Hello, the Font works correctly,
(I checked it right now)
Maybe you had any other problem, I am attaching a link to Dafont's FAQS,
a cordial greeting
parisboutiques  17/03/2021
The font doesn't works! I checked it right now. I am trying to make my theme but I can't! The people say it work, but it is not! I'm mad
auroamelioz  20/03/2021
the font isnt working still but your others are I'm confused I'm sorry for the inconvenience of your font :(
raquxlle  21/03/2021
it doesn't work:((
aesteriacore  22/03/2021
It doesn't work:(
addiqclassy  28/03/2021
It doesnt work :(
pinkpurple1510  08/04/2021
Why mine doesn't work I want this font so badly it's really good but the font doesn't work😭 I want it plsss😖 fix it🥺
..chrystxane  28/04/2021
This font doesnt work all i get is just letters i want use on my theme butbut the icons wont show at all
talkingangela  09/05/2021
font doesn't work

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