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kbb88  23/10/2019
great font but that uppercase T is awkward
cricutnewbie  27/10/2019
How do you get the swirls before and after using Word?
justmesandi  30/10/2019
to get the swirls i think you had to buy the font
Hbeck  04/11/2019
So we can only get the swirls if we buy the font? Even if it’s for personal use? Any way to get it at a reduce price at least?
nycoly  16/12/2019
Hello. Hahah. I wanna know how can I get a permission to use this letter for a work at my university (in a logo). Can I use? Because this is open only for personal use! Thanks
Xkhang93  02/02/2020
How do we get the swirls? I bought the font but i still don’t know how to do the swirls
Kcgred  03/02/2020
How do I get a license to use this font
okelly2  08/03/2020
hi, Ive bought the licence but how do i get the extra swirls on the letters
mumi24  10/03/2020
im trying to add the swirls and i've tried everything and nothing. thank God i read the comments before actually buying it.
Graphix Line Studio  autor de Hello   12/03/2020
To access your alternate character, just select one letter (exp: t). After you select it will definitely appear in the alternate character. Or activate the opentype feature on the top toolbar (view-opentype).
thea31  01/04/2020
I still don't get it. How do I get the swirls?

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