Heart Breaking Bad

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anke-art  06/09/2013
Hahaaa, that's awesome! Thanks so much - I was planning on making a vector version of the series' logo myself, and you're sparing me a lot of time and effort. I'll send you the link when I'm done so you can see what I came up with.
Greetings from Germany
danmaster  05/01/2018
Completely useless. Many elements of the periodic table are missing. It's incomplete. Where is the lead [Pb] or the polonium [Po]?...
NAL  autor de Heart Breaking Bad   05/01/2018
Pb is on the "¦" character, Po is on the "¨" character. The font contains every element in the periodic table, although a few of the very latest ones have been renamed since it was released.

If you open the font in Character Map, you can see all of the elements easily.

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