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Area52  29/08/2009
I love this font!
LaurenRuth  autor de Happy Phantom   01/09/2009
Thank you I am glad you like it :)
nioubes  02/09/2009
Very Nice font ! I like it ;)
staplehead  09/09/2009
As I commented by email, I'm so impressed with your font because it looks really professional. That's why I've decided to include it on my blog. You can read about it on
I'm sorry that it's Spanish only but Google Translate can do the trick ;) I hope you like it and thanks again.
LaurenRuth  autor de Happy Phantom   14/09/2009
Yes thank you so much, glad to have your support :) :) :)
LiliaBorges  05/04/2013
Hello Pseudo Nympho,
Thank you for sharing your typhography.
I will be making a menu for a small restaurant, and I like your typhography (:
I see we can download for free your typhography for personal uses. I would like to ask your permission if I could use it for the menu restaurant? Thank you for your time,
LaurenRuth  autor de Happy Phantom   05/04/2013
@LiliaBorges - Sent you a message. :)
anders7205  12/03/2019
I would like to use this font for a childrens book. How can we solve that?

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