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Martbeth  04/02/2010
Hello! I love this font!! and would like to use in a organizational newsletter/magazine (these publications have no cost)? Is this font or you other font "Juergen" free?
kevans  02/02/2011
I may want to use this font as well. Is it a free font?
Nwinten  30/01/2012
Hi I would like to use this font for a product name (logo), is there any fee?
tomob1  16/02/2012
This is a great font. I like the rough look as well but it would be so useful (and would be used a lot more) if there was a tidy version. I'd pay for a tidy version!
JuliaM76  09/03/2012
Hello. I would like to use the font for some advertising material. Is it free of charge or could you send me your contact details to get in touch for copyright questions? Best wishes from Munich
jmkim  10/06/2012
Hello. I would like to use this font for a brand logo, is there any fee?
Justaspaz  30/08/2012
I would like to use this font on a commercial logo. Is this free to use? Thank you.
Kellyv123  14/11/2012
I would like to use this font for a brand logo is this font free to use. If not can you please email me the details for copyright questions. Thank you.
kimmey  07/04/2013
Hello, I'd love to use this font on an commercial AD... is it free to use? could you email me if is it Ok?? kimye2342@gmail.com Thank you!
artiem101  14/05/2013
Hi Hans,

I would also like to use it too as part of a logo. Is it free to use?

faxcs  12/09/2013
hello Hans, this font is free or has a cost for commercial use?
nikjameika  14/04/2014

I love this font. It's free to use?

Font my buena :)
mrobrique  17/07/2014
Hello, permission to use font for commercial use? Thanks
vdittmar  14/08/2014
Hello, would also like to use this font for a book cover and the audio version of this book. We are a small, independent publisher. The book is about developing emotional competence. Please grant permission, thank you.
niko tayari  24/10/2014
really great Font!! Can I use it for commercial use?
Thank You
Bobbyxofie  23/12/2014
Guten Tag

Ich würde gerne die Schrift "Hanshand" oder "Juergen" kommerziell einsetzen. Leider finde ich keine andere Möglichkeit, mein Anliegen zu posten, auch auf der Internetseite http://www.zinken.net finde ich keinen Kontaktlink.
Wäre schön, ich könnte die Schrift einsetzen, vielen Dank und Gruss
calex  05/01/2015
hi, Hans this font is free for commercial use? Thanks
stcameron  05/01/2015
Hello Hans,
Would like to use this font for some of our labels if that is alright?
Thank you.
wydo  16/02/2015

We would like to use your font for a non-commercial association, would you please grant us permission ?
Thank you very much.
crisbryan  31/12/2015
Hi Hans, I am interested in using your font commercially for my small, home-based business. Would you grant permission? Thank you.
Edythe  04/01/2016
Hallo Hans J. Zinken,
Ich würde gerne Ihre Font "Hanshand" kommerziell für ein Logo einsetzen. Leider habe ich auf Ihrer Internetseite http://www.zinken.net keinen Kontaktlink gefunden, daher schreibe ich Ihnen hier.
Wäre super wenn ich die Schrift einsetzen dürfte.
Vielen Dank und viele Grüße
greatbok  29/01/2016
I would like to use this for commercial. Can you please contact me at greatbok@gorillafilms.tv Thank you.
chelle180  15/04/2016
Hello Hans,

I would like to use your Hanshand font for my company logo; how do I go paying for commercial licensing? Please contact me: chelle180@gmail.com.


AmyMadeline  24/04/2016
Hello! I love this font and would like to use the font for a small word that is a part of my logo for my new blog/design business (solo venture) called Single Mama Design Co. I am definitely trying to use free things where possible. Please email me to confirm you are ok with this. It will be for the word "mama" only. amymrist@gmail.com
KatinkaHanselman  17/09/2017

We would like to use your Hanshand-font for a packaging-design of a box. Would you grant us permission? Please contact us: info@katinkahanselman.nl. Thank you!


bugmama42  11/12/2017
Hi, Hans. I would like to use your font for personal and potentially commercial use and am seeking permission. Is this free to use? Thanks! -Nina
lstewart0522  09/02/2019
Is this font free for commercial use to use in a logo?

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