Green Fuz

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goinskate  22/10/2013
I put this font on my list of top free spooky fonts!
typodermic  autor de Green Fuz   25/10/2013
sydneyb  09/03/2014
May I use your gnarly font for a friends record label logo?
typodermic  autor de Green Fuz   18/03/2014
No problem.
horrormovieslover  14/05/2014
Hi typodermic. May I use your fantastic font for the title and the chapters of a book about horror films ?
typodermic  autor de Green Fuz   15/05/2014
No problem - it's free for commercial use. Good luck with your book!
jday  25/10/2018
Hi - I see that is is free personally and commercially. I just wanted to double check that I can use this on an email?
typodermic  autor de Green Fuz   01/11/2018
You sure can.

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