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Isabella_Mari  23/07/2007
i like it alot
agentdsl  29/07/2007
I think your font is extremely sophisticated and the hard work shows. The only problem I have with it is the capitol A is just to wide. You should make it thinner so it's the same size as the other capitol letters because when I write a name of something, it all look beautiful until the A is shown.
solasola  24/09/2007
Very nice,and finite.
Mighty Pete  autor de Fantastic Pete   09/10/2007
There are way more glyphs in this font that this site can display. There are about 838 glyphs inside this font. You really need to read the file that comes with it to figure out how to see and use those extra characters.

There are even more inside my Extravagant Pete font. It contains 629 more glyphs of the same sort of style. Be sure to read the readme files included.

I can't figure out what that one comment up there is about. I tried to e-mail you but no luck. This font was not made for writing ALL CAPS.

Your Pal

The Mighty Pete
Kronon  08/11/2007
Absolutely love the 'Ye Ol' Scribe' sorta feel, with the beautifully stylized uppercases.
lmruiz  06/03/2008
love the font... i actually want to get the letter L tattooed on my foot but i can't seem to download it or anything. is there any way someone could email it to me or something?
Mighty Pete  autor de Fantastic Pete   11/03/2008
I e-mail it to you days ago already. Did you get it ?

Your Pal

The Mighty Pete
pupskind  25/04/2008
How can I copy the simillar letters?
Mighty Pete  autor de Fantastic Pete   25/04/2008
Ya got me man. I don't understand what you mean by similar letters. If you're trying to copy and paste off that included document as long as the font is installed and you open that document up with Wordpad ! Nothing else, It don't work in Office and set the language to European. They should all show up..Just select all of the document set the font to Fantastic Pete and set it to European language some times you have to do it a few times to get them all to show up. Once there you can copy and paste right off that document into a Unicode compliant application, (like Photoshop) Some programs cannot handle glyphs way down inside that file.

Remember if your pasting into Photoshop you have to be inserting text and the font selected has to match when you paste. If your having ??? marks show up instead of the proper glyphs then the program you are using cannot handle unicode fonts. It's the standard BTW. I have such a program here, I must bring them in as graphic images then. One of my printers cannot handle that type font but it does print graphics so it works, just one more step. If that don't help find my web site and my e-mail address and send me a mail.

Your Pal

The Mighty Pete
Golden_girl22  16/05/2008
Hi! I LOVE this font, but am unable to download it? Is there any way it can be e-mailed?
ajitha  13/06/2008
pls allow us to do the re-colouring too
bubbleboom  16/09/2008
Hi Pete, I think you are really good designer! You should keep it up. Just wondering. Am starting my little own business, would i be possible to use one of your fonts for your logo?
thanks a lot
Mighty Pete  autor de Fantastic Pete   18/09/2008
Your going to make me spill the beans. This font is for personal use only. So no, but the good news is there will be soon available a completely new version of this font available on where it will be possible to do what you want. You can't use this font for commercial uses cause it's encumbered but the new version of it will not have such restrictions provided you get the correct version for it's use. I already have a few fonts there so you might want to have a look at those. I'm there under Tofino Type.
princess_abobo  08/11/2008
i love it is very
Mighty Pete  autor de Fantastic Pete   09/11/2008
Thanks. My updated version of this font is done now. Think this is wild the other one is even more insane. Millions of changes from this version where made. It has something like over 4,200 glyphs now, almost two million kerned pairs. Open type versions & features. All the oddities in this font are now repaired. So many changes I decided to give it a new name.
Worth a look.
gravirozo  12/01/2009
hi guyz
hello pete... thank you you shared your font... this really beauty... i have a hobby cnc router and allthe time chasing for new fonts... some of 'em i have to vectorize of bitmap but this is a ready set... i have no bussiness just makes fun for me and my friends with little plates..
thank you
gravirozo  12/01/2009
just one more thing... this letterset looks like the guilloched shapes on banknotes... anyway looks really professional....
gravirozo  12/01/2009
pete... the bitstream is one of the most professional typemakers.... R u a member of?
Mighty Pete  autor de Fantastic Pete   17/01/2009
No I'm not a member. It would be nice if you could post a picture on the web somewhere along with a link of your glass art. I'd be interested in seeing it. Make it big if you can.

Think this font is wild the newer one is even more wild. Finally kerning done and a lot of extras.
Cpr.Sparhelt  30/01/2009
Ohh man, it's a beautiful looking font awesome work!!
Comgratulations! Very Nice.
Houlala26  16/06/2010
HII! i'm sorry for my bad english but i'm french and i hope you will understand me so first i'm completely in love with your font!! i have been searching a font like that since 6 month!! i was searching a special font like your because i want to tattoo the first letters of my brother's name who is dead now...and i'm so happy to find it!! but the problem is that i can't download it :s i hope you will answer me as soon as possible it's for my personal use but i'm ready to pay you...peace and thanks!!
Mighty Pete  autor de Fantastic Pete   24/06/2010
What do you mean you can't download it? You can download it. Click the link that says download. It's in a zip file. Send me a picture when your done.
zon06  20/03/2011
Hi! I want to use your font for professionnal. Is it possible? Do i have to do something special? (sorry i'm french as well my english doesnt sound good!)
Can you send me something to buy the right?
Thank you,
Have a good day.
TNunya  20/04/2011
I can't install this font. It says it's incomplete. I tried it three times. It's a beautiful font package. Wish I could use it.
driadema  21/10/2011
bel Font!
Mighty Pete  autor de Fantastic Pete   30/09/2012
Don't know why you can't instal it. It's not the font. Something else is wrong. It's been downloaded and used by people almost a million times just from this web site alone.

The problem might be on you opening up the font archive or you have not downloaded it properly, Like you may only have a piece of it and not the full zip file. You can find it on some different sites. Try a different site.
Mighty Pete  autor de Fantastic Pete   18/11/2014
To whoever is the lucky person to download this font the millionth time from this site you WIN the FULL version of the font as is sold on MyFonts,com website. That is llke a 70 dollar value for free ! So as the counter nears 1 million downloads I will remind you on this message board and the person who downloads it the millionth time provided I can get hold of you you will receive free of charge the full font as sold on All 4290 glyphs of goodness in two font files could be yours if you pay attention and read the comments section. The download count as of today is 912,481. Good Luck and happy downloading !

Too all those people that click my donate button:

I would like to take this time to personally thank you. You are my inspiration and was my motivation to create the pro version of this font. You know who you are,


Your Pal

The Mighty Pete
CoolText  04/10/2015
I don't need it right now, but it's realy worth it to download guys!!!

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