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sallythecat  01/09/2006
Nice! oooh... Ahhh... *.*
preppyfairy  30/09/2006
Amazing! Me lovie!!! :P
SWMTD  26/10/2006
rcadble  15/11/2006
Shitty music but great font.
bappie  12/02/2007
a beautiful calligraphic font,
Very, very very nice and made with knowledge.
My compliments.
j!GokU sHoUJo  25/02/2007
Simple but amazing. Great job :) Thanks.
tryEdward_Elric  26/04/2007
Well, j!GokU sHoUJo u like it? I don't get da t part...it's nice
Firemoon182  29/06/2007
Amy Lee would be pround! :3
punkndisorderly323  07/09/2007
I downloaded the font, but I can't seem to get the circle around the capital "E" to work. Does anyone know how?
tmlpub  23/10/2007

You can press option c to get the character that puts a circle around the capital E... or go to your glyphs window... Good luck!
mancool59  05/11/2007
Wouhooouuuuuuu !!!! ca déchire c'est trop fort !!!! j'adore bravo I'm going undeeeeeeeeeerr !!!!!
brock.scence  05/01/2008
it's the font of evanescence most complete!!!!
now going to do the font of origin 2000
ok it's all
brock.scence  05/01/2008
i love it font !
brock.scence  05/01/2008
Ok, just missing the albumorigin of 2000
TheBandit98  04/02/2008
My cousin would love this.
VickkyIsHigh  03/03/2008
NocturnalPurple  23/04/2008
I want to know how she was able to edit the + key to do that beautiful design, I want to do something like that in the font I'm making.
NocturnalPurple  23/04/2008
Mwahahaha I found out how she did it!! FontCreator ftw! *has added something like that of her own*
dayse_14  22/05/2008
esto como se descarga ?
frumoasaanahy  23/05/2008
LithiumStars  04/06/2008
I love Evanescence font's! I'm a really big fan of them! These font's will work great for my site! :) Can't wait to use them!!!! :)
xEvanescencex  01/07/2008
i love the band and the font!
but i would really like the open door font too.
but evanescence is amazing.
Evanescence fan!!  29/07/2008
Trop cool!!! C'est mon band préféré!! Et en plus, c'est une full belle écriture!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!
angelsfiishy  14/08/2008
BloodRoseAngel  18/10/2008
This font is so beautiful! <3
BloodRoseAngel  18/10/2008
Aww, dammit... I can't get it to work... It says the zip file is invalid.I keep having that problem. It's a gorgeous font but it seems my computer doesn't agree... ^^;
ayuvivian  12/11/2008
orz ing...


and this: 囧rz

Most Wanted  30/11/2008
Very nice standard.
I loved this font.
Thanks to you whoever made it I can finish making my very own card game.(I am customly making my own!)
Thanks so much!
Oh,and the font looks beautiful.
JazzyCat  14/12/2008
i lurve the font so much but i am not alowed to download it
but i seriosly would if i could
JazzyCat  14/12/2008
i lurve the band to
amy lee is such a good singer
EvanescenceLuvr  29/12/2008
Nie  10/05/2009
LOVE your font!! ^^
sophia.09nin  03/08/2009
i <3 this!!!!
dancie  05/09/2009
I cant get the circle around the e but i don't have an options button and i don't know what a glyphs window is
JesMclovin  17/09/2009
I can't seem to figure out how to get the characters that dont come on the keyboard...?

Do I have to hit something?
InMotion  19/12/2009
Five star'Z ! :)
TheJoyce73  05/04/2011
De Mais!!
Sabrillian  28/05/2011
Great work, really pleased with the font. I'll definitely be using it in the future
Ant 15  02/09/2011
Crap music but beautiful font :)
FontDownloader1227  20/12/2011
Crap music?! Go listen "My Immortal" before commenting that he doesn't have good music. But it is nice font! Very well done!
ridge hazzard  14/03/2012
crap music shity music?!?!?! how can u guys say that amy is one of the most beautiful and talented women ever and at least her songs have meaning unlike your lady gaga and katy perry the only reason u listen to them is cause they practialy come out on stage in there underware amy dosent need to do that cause her voice is amazing and she isnt a whore >:I
SONICFAN11LUV  15/04/2012
Umner  05/06/2012
to get get the cirlcle e use alt 0231 then you get this ç=circle e
andy33k  03/07/2012
how do i get this logo on to my website
elsajust  26/06/2013
Great font, great music! I've seen this font used in a movie and advertisement of a company...lol
nspasic  22/03/2014
I would like to use this font for a book cover and I am seeking permission to use commercially. please contact me at nataliespasic@hotmail.com or call me 323.856.1832.
TheVampireItself  05/08/2016
rcadble is full of bullshit. Evanescence is amazing!
GOAH  08/10/2016
Does anyone know which font of the 2 you install?
There are 2 font files in the download: "evanescent" and "evanescent_p"
tommywoolard  11/12/2018
How do you get the circule on this font? I've been trying to figure it out for the past few days.

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