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dopeyere  07/07/2007
or wow this is ace
Amalia P  23/11/2007
estrellaEverlast  04/02/2008
hhaahhah, cute.
RENThead4life  11/02/2008
not cool
tothemax  12/04/2008
looks kinda gross...
cutegirl  22/05/2008
that's me with big boobs
hornybabe  14/07/2008
i love the boner <3
crazimike  20/09/2008
RAS-UTOPIA  17/01/2009
esta font es increible!!
jeneshisugakuto  28/09/2009
Seriously I would agree with RENThead4life and tothemax...if I was back in secondary school and my friends were talking about it during lunch. However, I have grown up, and also I see you can choose to look at this. Keyword being choose. I am asexual myself and find it repulsive to do it physically, however sex is a fact of life and there isn't much wrong with it, also the human body isn't disgusting it's also fact - get over it. If you don't like it you don't have to negatively comment on every single font. Also, saying you'd want it gone makes you the restrictive lot.
chrdiit  21/02/2010
Nice. I like that, i am a Logo Maker.
Nice work with:)
orifklub  10/06/2013
I didn't know something like that i really possible :)
Gunarta  28/07/2013
dafont should to have adult filter
incorrect  21/07/2014
get this off of dafont!
happyman  05/05/2015
get this off dafont u do know there are some kids that use this website and my kid uses it and lots of people i his class use it, the teacher band them from this website because this and some of the other 'sexy' font and this is great now they cant use it I'M SO DISAPPOINTED ABOUT THIS
happyman  05/05/2015
i hope these fonts get off dafont and who even use this for a font IT IS VERY STUPID TO HAVE THIS ON HERE
Miitchi  03/11/2015
These fonts are craaazy! ahaha ahaha I want to have the sex with them all!
Crooks20  09/07/2020
So petty, I'd you don't like it don't click on it..
You made the choice to get on this site and purposefully click on this specific style,yet you all are so repulsed by it. Ya TF right. I'm downloading it, I only wish I had a few of your numbers or emails I'd show you exactly how to use this lmao
Crooks20  09/07/2020

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