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xXAllTimeLowLoveXx  29/07/2012
IrradiatedMushroom  28/09/2012
(\ Brohoof!
Lionika  23/07/2014
Hi, I would like to use your font for commercial purpose. Please contact me for details:
Jaynz  autor de Equestria   24/07/2014
Head to where you'll find instructions and the paypal links for commercial licenses.
Calipsoniko  30/01/2015
/) im going to use this to make a vlc skin ok?
/) voy a usar esto para hacer una skin de vlc ok?
Jaynz  autor de Equestria   02/02/2015
Are you doing this for yourself, or releasing it to the public? (Not trying to be difficult, but there are a LOT of people more prickly about web resources than I am.)
MatMayuga  01/05/2016
Please take this font down. Your font is a subset and knockoff of Harold Lohner's Generation B, which you can purchase here: The M, V, Q, Z, and X are different from Generation B , which means it's the ultimate definition of "knockoff". For cheapness, Generation B is only $20 USD. If you want to use the real font, you should buy the real font. Don't use a knockoff. Check the comparision of the fonts here:
Jaynz  autor de Equestria   02/05/2016
This is attempt #4 by you to get this font for free from me now? As I said, I've already been in contact with Mr Lohner, and there is no outstanding issue.
Jaynz  autor de Equestria   02/05/2016
Also, while Equestria isn't perfect, it's only $10 for a complete family with an extensive character set. In my defense, of course.
MatMayuga  03/05/2016
The Equestria font needs lower case characters. Mattyhex's Celestia Medium Redux font already HAS lower case characters. (the link to download is: You may want to add lower case characters.
Jaynz  autor de Equestria   03/05/2016
The version here is actually very old. The newest version of all my fonts is at . But I am always looking to make improvements.
MatMayuga  04/05/2016
So, can you please make lower case characters on your Equestria font from just like Celestia Medium Redux ( If you make this, you are a legend.
Jaynz  autor de Equestria   05/05/2016
If I can get to it soonish... but it won't be EXACTLY like Matty's of course.
MatMayuga  05/05/2016
I actually like your font, it looks good for some My Little Pony content.
jojoto147  13/11/2017
If you want use this font for a comercial use you can buy a licence on the creator website "pixel sagas" or you can take a alternative like "Celestia redux" is comercial free.

And good mlp content.

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