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koeiekat  21/04/2015
I do not understand how this one past to make it to Dafont. Totally unusable on Office on a Mac. Ever tested before submitting?
Jaynz  autor de Cyrodiil   21/04/2015
Are YOU my stalker? Been wondering about that.

I do not have a Mac to test on, but I do use this font on Win 8.2 apps, including an Office and Photoshop and certainly didn't run into an 'unusable' issue. Can you be more specific with the problems you have?
koeiekat  21/04/2015
You are using FC. Always check your metrics. Then you will see that your font will be unusable under Office on a Mac. Not that difficult. Also check this, Units per em 2048, glyph size more than 3500, a disaster. Alas.
Jaynz  autor de Cyrodiil   21/04/2015
I'm looking at the metrics on the version of the font on the site right now. None of the glyphs top 2400 on any extremis. Metrics are also verified.

Do you have a screenshot of this font's appearance on a Mac? I'm honestly not seeing anything like you're describing here. Only thing I have wrong on this font that I can see is some vertical placement issues from when I resized...
Jaynz  autor de Cyrodiil   21/04/2015
Also just compiled this under Fontlab's trial edition and got no issues. I'm seriously not seeing what you're saying here.

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