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Butter Kings

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Tre'Shawn Deandre  02/10/2015
man this font is baller swag brah!
bellamycay  26/10/2015
Well, I don't now what "baller swag" is, but this is a fantastic font. Very vintage smooth. It would look great on one of those colorized 50's greeting cards, maybe like with two women on a boat who are laughing and pointing, with a caption in Butter Kings font that says, "Oh look, your husband is downing." Thanks for offering it!
BTW... What is Butter Kings a reference to?
dcoswitch  autor de Butter Kings   28/10/2015
Thank you Tre'Shawn & bellamycay!
about the reference..It's a long story...
"Once uppon a time..."

No it's just a font name

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