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Brutal Tooth

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daus  15/06/2009
why this font can be download.
daus  15/06/2009
sorry I mean i cant not download this font.
kirksucks  autor de Brutal Tooth   15/06/2009
the DL is working fine for me. it downloads a .zip file.
TraumaHound  13/07/2009
Man, this font is brutal (he says in his best Nathan Explosion imitation.)
tmboo  13/07/2009
great font... too bad BT dropped the logo, it's probably what drew me in in the first place!
lawfro  22/12/2009
Dude.. Can I use this for my band?
captain chaos  24/01/2010
this one fits the genre "deathcore" very well.
kirksucks  autor de Brutal Tooth   12/02/2010
about 1000 bands have emailed me wanting to use this. thanks, but now your logo looks like 999 other bands.

donations appreciated.
marty666  05/04/2010
brutal truth <3
xDACHAUxCONFETTIx  09/08/2010
Okay, somebody please help me. It appears that my other comment got deleted.. Thanks.. Anyway, I downloaded this font, but I can't use it. Why is that?
dinga15  17/08/2010
so epic
phet  05/11/2010
i want download this font....
RobbyD420SRH  12/12/2010
I love this font. want to use it for my band AT GUNPOINT but id like to modify the letters some. Is that ok with you? I will donate.
dead faint  05/08/2012
gak bisa di pakai
droff  20/03/2014
is it okay if I use this for my band? we just need a start up logo.
DemonGamer  30/01/2016
Can I plz use this for my Youtube chanel

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