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trahana  11/10/2015
It may say free, but the Read Me says its only a Demo and requires permission from author.
gwizsk  autor de Blood Lust   11/10/2015
trahana, all my fonts are FREE for personal use. The read me file is intended commercial usage.
trahana  12/10/2015
Perhaps you could write a clearer read me then? It doesn't allude to commercial use until it gets the URL.
The first thing it says "Font usage: Demo only"
gwizsk  autor de Blood Lust   14/10/2015
If youre opening the read me.. Im sure youre wondering if you can use it for more than personal use.
trahana  18/10/2015

It a good idea to look at a read me. Sometimes I download fonts that aren't free for personal use, so checking the readme is necessary in order to not make a mistake.
gwizsk  autor de Blood Lust   20/10/2015
Exactly my point I am trying to say. If you're curious about copyright, you are more than likely to be either to b a designer or a business. If you open the read me, you are wondering?
GlennyPennie  22/09/2018
I don't know how this works; you say it's free for personal use, does that mean I can use the font on my streams?

(I want to use it for Horror/ Halloween themes)
I stream on twitch.
gwizsk  autor de Blood Lust   22/10/2018
GlennyPennie, my fonts are free for non monetized, non business, or non commercial use.

If any money is made via your stream (sponsorships, donations, ads, etc) then you are not using the font for personal use and need a font license.

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