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hennell  21/11/2006
amazingly great
Miss_princess  28/11/2006
absolutley wkd font xxmwah
lil--scrappy  04/05/2007
wkd font btw
galzdem  20/06/2007
nah blud....u got blazed....dat font aint dat offence....da wordz bad da fontz shit.....
x_maz_x  22/06/2007
yea kwl ta ..x
mastertek  26/06/2007
is it the one used in "Ghost Rider" ? cool
princessfafa10  12/12/2007
wow a lot of the people did not like it and i thought everyone would LOVE it
guess I was wrong
Anyway love the font great job!
emy0723  31/01/2008
wtf maan this is a viruss..zipped file
T-Y  17/04/2008
that is hottttt
CustomBusinessCards  21/04/2008
Hot it is. I can imagine what business cards could be made with this.
sexy can i  13/06/2008
i love this it is so like me
Icheeva  19/06/2008
I love this =D great job making thus font
Icheeva  19/06/2008
galzdem ? do you speak english? or do you need to go back to school and learn it so we can understand you?
franklin  07/09/2008
Pure guava  13/09/2008
Aimski  06/11/2008
galzdem can comment on fonts when he can write properly
Aimski  14/11/2008
carrie12696  09/12/2008
its awesome but i saw it on
Laa Ennaannaa  31/12/2008
noo puedo bjarme ninguna letra!!! :S
Thunderhead  26/03/2009
the C looks like the calgary flames logo, nice job
pitty0808  08/04/2009
muy bueno todo pero no puedo bajarme la tipografia?
Megadeth Zombie  19/04/2009
I was wondering if there was a way I could get this for a Windows computer.
Maybe you could e-mail to me or something.
francimilano7  13/07/2009
elmostar94  17/03/2010
blue98pink  12/07/2010
What is the base font for this? Can I get that too?
Dragon200  03/10/2010
Very cool, As i like very much flames.
pamephin  03/06/2011
rukirockz  16/07/2011
cool font luv it
killingzero  27/08/2011
neoman  12/12/2012
Is this font free ? Can I use it in on a web page ?
Oddyssey  04/07/2013
I love this font, but I don't see any info (on site or in the download) regarding it's licensing. Is it free to use commercially?
Dev850  03/09/2013
Bullshit. I've downloaded dozens of fonts from this site and this is the only one Illustrator wont save. Why? Its not like anyone pays for any fonts anymore. Greed. Just dont make the font then or dont put it here.
customhockeydesign  13/11/2013
How do I buy this font?
nsteed  02/02/2014
How do I buy this font?
hritter  06/03/2014
free for commercial use? let me know!
yousif alqattan  02/04/2014
please I need to know is it free for commercial use?
2bridgethegap  13/08/2014
This is an awesome font! We're using it to design a few things for our church's youth group, which is called Ablaze. I installed it and was using it in Illustrator, but it said that it didn't have appropriate permission to embed it. Since there was no licensing information about the font, I didn't know that and I'm not for sure what to do. Illustrator said that it couldn't be saved in a pdf, but when I saved it as one, it opened with the font on my computer. I'm concerned, though, when I email the file to someone else at the church to print that the font won't be there. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.
Lavene 203  19/09/2014
Hi I love this font. Is it free for commercial use? Please email me at
lcj20!5  18/05/2015
Great font, but as someone mentioned previously, there is no way to contact the author for licensing info. Has any one learned the cost of the license or if it is free for commercial use? If so, email Thank you.
ankita.srivastava  13/07/2015
Hi there, I really like the font. I am confused since there is no information regarding the license of the font. Can you please email me if it is free for commercial use or not at -
can you please contact me regarding licensing information. my email is
jonnyreynolds12345  01/08/2016
Hi, can you please contact me about licensing this font for commercial use on t-shirts.

sonjagrace  19/01/2017
how can I get a commercial license??
laurens jaeken  08/03/2017
send nudes
hi can you please contact me about getting a licensing for this font. to use on t-shirts.
clambert  27/06/2017
Please contact me about using this font for a small business advertisement. Thank You!
darkmetal  30/12/2017
Hi there, is this font free to use for commercial use? Please contact me.
pas__  14/10/2018
Hi, dope font. Is it free to use for commercial use? Please contact me.
BlueAS  25/01/2019
It downloaded but was not able to use it. I need to use this for commercial use.

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