A Yummy Apology

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cool font:) I Love it!
shuga_leigh  17/09/2009
nice font
hbm  18/10/2009
cool font.... could you add accents???please!!!
Bouledefeuu  20/01/2010
I love Scripture
b2binet  11/10/2010
This font is so beautiful, but unfortunately I need the accents. Can you add them ?
Thank you very much
curlyface101  07/11/2010
This was great for me and my girlfriend to be back together I printed this from notepad and she accepted!TY!
penguinchick  11/07/2011
Just checking that it is ok to use this on a book cover? Please email me to discuss on michelle.atkins@au.penguingroup.com

Thanks! Michelle
pamelahaley  12/01/2012
I'd like to use your font "A Yummy Apology" in part of a Logo for a
Start-up. Probably just the capital "S". Right now I'm just creating
the proposal. If my client likes it; what do you need in exchange if I
use it? e-mail pamelahaley@me.com
fonto  11/05/2012
Hi, can i use your font for a book cover? I need to know asap? Thanks
Whims  17/07/2012
Hi, I'm trying to contact you in regards to use of this font in a website banner for a commercial site

Badshawn  25/12/2012
Hello I'd like to use your font "A Yummy Apology" in part of a Logo, can I get permission thanks, hoptoit177@gmail.com
RRosenfelt  12/02/2013
I was wondering if any of you received the ok to use this font. I work for a small non-profit and we would like to use it for a direct mail piece but his email keeps bouncing.

Laraa:)  16/10/2013
this is a very nice font, but i had a problem with it. I just downloaded it yesterday, and it worked. For only one day. Than i opened the 'zip' file and the 'AYUMA___.TTF' on the next day, and it doesn't worked. :( I deleted the file and downloaded it again today, but not works now neither.
Did anybody have this problem with the font? Or only me? :(
lazy_python  24/10/2015
For commercial purpose? Plz let me know grs93saravana@gmail.com
K-G1990  13/06/2016
May I use this font as part of a logo? Please contact me as soon as possible: kgonzalez1990@hotmail.com
Pixeljade  25/06/2017
Hey, can I use this for a business card I'm making for a friend? Email at jlejeck88@gmail.com
bpair  04/11/2018
Cool font! However, the label above the download button says 100% free and the readme text says that it is for personal use only. Please change whichever is wrong so as not to mislead someone into using this font incorrectly.
Anyone get a response?
Lypt  15/10/2019
Hi! can I use for my business card? I send you and email but i get an error :(. Email me at laura2vida@gmail.com please :)
Macarkeys  25/03/2020
Hi! I was wondering if I could use this for a business logo? My email is marekmorrill@gmail.com

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