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Aire Exterior à  por Jayvee Enaguas 
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===| Description |===

Aire Exterior (English: Outer Air) is a geometric sans serif typeface based on the title screen of the 1959 film Plan 9 from Outer Space, superseded from 2012 erroneous design Aero Matics, created with libre/free font editor software FontForge.

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===| Version release history |===

Version 20190503.01:

- Added and reworked Cyrillic alphabet set for several supported languages (including Bulgarian, Kyrgyz, Russian, Ukrainian, etc.) (thanks to Denis Ignatov).
- Added four other currency symbols.
- Both recreated and updated tons of kernings from scratch due to the difficult part by spending every hour (Latin characters only).
- Both tweaked and fixed several other characters.
- Replaced kerning type with a single merged class from multiple pairs to avoid bloat source SFD file.
- Redesigned glyph in letter eszett (ß) character.
- Reduced general height metric to 1400.

Version 20190422.02:

- Updated tons of kernings.

Version 20190422.01:

- Added seven currency symbols (except Azerbaijani manat (₼)).
- Added tons of characters of Latin Extended A and B for several supported languages (including Hungarian, Latvian, Polish, Romanian, etc.).
- Tweaked eleven other characters, especially letter I with diacritic characters.
- Fixed wrong referenced glyphs in two other characters of small letter S with diacritic.
- Referenced glyph in j with circumflex.
- Updated tons of kernings.

Version 20190407.03:   Mais...

Visto pela primeira vez no DaFont: 18/04/2019 - Atualizada: 07/05/2019

Illustration © Jayvee Enaguas

Aire Exterior

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