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Sorrel Saphire McScullerz

Nata 31/10/1991 (28 anni, Scorpione)
Stati Uniti d'America (Who cares)

Commento dell'utente
My name is Sorrel Saphire McScullerz. You can call me Checkerz. I am a girl so don't ask me of im a guy or girl. I am Yhe Oldest sister of three.In Order we go from *1*Sorrel Saphire McScullerz*2* Summerz Saphire McScullerz*3* Sally Saphire McScullerz. Yes we all have the same inteials S.S.M. Together we are The McScullerz Sisterz! McScullerz INC. Im the one who makes The pics They help me take orderz and help pic out layout designes . We need help in ant way we can get help. I have a few rules.

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