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Hi! I LOVE fonts! I always have, but never found a way to get more. I looked it up and found this site! It's MY FAVORITE! I'm always on, so feel free to send me a message!!

A little about me:
MY FAVORITE COLOR: Green, purple, blue, white, black... ect...
MY FAVORITE AUTHOR: Kimberly Geswein!
MY BLOG SITE: coming soon... keep checking for updates!

I'm currently making a blog! :) I'll post the link when it's finished. No, it's not random! It's about fonts!! :)

I'm always making new fonts, and on my blog I will post how to make them for FREE and have some already made for downloading! :)

If you want a letter fixed on my fonts, MESSAGE ME so I can fix it. I can also make a font for you if you want for free. Just send me your handwriting in a picture! :)



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