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Ivan Gladkikh [Jovanny Lemonad]

Nato 01/01/1986 (33 anni, Capricorno)
Russia (Saint-Petersburg)

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JOVANNY LEMONAD is my job nickname in case formed from two independent words. In real life my name is IVAN GLADKIKH.

Since 2004 year I have been creating fonts, making lettering and other letter design. During this I created more than one hundred fonts for commercial and free use. I like experimental typographics that strongly influences my works. For this reason i still do the difficult experimental things connected with fonts and letters.

Since 2008 I do the project of free fonts, created by designers for designers. I carry out commercial orders on creation of fonts.

In 2009 I have received the diploma «FOR PERFECTION IN FONT DESIGN» at the international type design competition «MODERN CYRILLIC` 09»

This collection of libre fonts is created by designers who have drawn these fonts and then allowed everyone to use, share, change and improve the fonts, free of charge. If you like the fonts that designers create within this project, then you can take part even if you are not a designer — with your money, in the spirit of charity «ON your heart.» To do this send a payment to the Yandex Money Account 41001412092310 and Paypal account. Under «Payment» enter the word «Donate».


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