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LL Rubber Grotesque

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LL Rubber Grotesque à  di Markus Schröppel 
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Font Demo available only on the website Dafont. No other site is authorized to distribute this font.
Full font available in:

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Experimental Headlinefont by original rubber stamps I have digitized 1997 with URW Linus and Ikarus. Remasterd:
Alt-f (Macintosh) / ALT+0131 (WINDOWS) a new exclusive f

Also as Web Open Font Format (WOFF), Embedded OpenType (EOT) and SVG WebFont Format for your webpage.

Second file is the version of ›LL Rubber Grotesque‹ used in the »Harry Potter« movies: e.g.: headline in the »Daily Prophet« or the Wanted posters of Amycus Carrow, Fenrir Greyback and Bellatrix Lestrange in »Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince«.

We are still working on a Cyrillic Version, but it takes time. Sideproject: cyrillic eroded font LLLisa (ЛЛЛиса́) coming soon.

Visto per la prima volta su DaFont: prima 2005 - Aggiornato: 13/09/2011

Illustration © Markus Schröppel


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