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17/03/2016 alle 23:41  [post iniziale]  looking for a font again

Colorbean ha detto  
Montserrat Black for "Vuoi mica..."
Montserrat Ultra Light for "Inviaci un articolo..."


Thank you very much

13/03/2016 alle 15:44  [risposta]  Looking for a font like this


13/03/2016 alle 02:30  [risposta]  f#dA font? please!

I didn't find the exact same font but i can suggest you to look into the script > brushed section, you can find some smilar ones there.

12/03/2016 alle 16:55  [post iniziale]  Looking for a font like this

Hi, i'm looking for a font looking like this one or this one, thanks.

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