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17/06/2019 alle 23:34  [risposta]  Isenbeck Font

Carattere Identificato: Regatta Condensed

17/06/2019 alle 22:34  [post iniziale]  Isenbeck Font

16/09/2018 alle 05:37  [post iniziale]  Chrysler┤s FLUID DRIVE emblem font

25/10/2015 alle 18:53  [risposta]  What is War Thunder's logo font?

Lancon ha detto  
Jefferies is a close one too.
I┤ve got troubles to check the R

Amarillo USAF

No problem with the R, since the BOLD variation is the one they used, THX

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25/10/2015 alle 16:21  [post iniziale]  What is War Thunder's logo font?

I want to know what font is used in War Thunder's logo. (If you don't know, War Thunder is a game)

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