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29/08/2016 alle 09:27  [post iniziale]  MTV VMAs 2016 Font?

21/11/2015 alle 11:42  [risposta]  Jonathan Nicolas

I don't believe that this is an actual font, notice the 'a', each time it's different, so is the 'o' and 'n'

21/11/2015 alle 11:36  [risposta]  Font name please?

Carattere Identificato: Gotham Ultra

21/11/2015 alle 11:31  [risposta]  Avon font

Carattere suggerito: Futura

21/11/2015 alle 11:27  [post iniziale]  'For' font?

14/11/2015 alle 17:51  [post iniziale]  Which font is used here?

I believed it was Eras but the 'l' doesn't match

10/11/2015 alle 07:24  [post iniziale] leaderboard font?

I've included the leaderboard as well so you can see more letters there that might help you find a match to this font

Modificato su 10/11/2015 alle 17:01 da drf

31/10/2015 alle 20:16  [risposta]  Font names of 'FOUR' and 'Oh!' ?

Thanks! , now just the 'FOUR's

26/10/2015 alle 10:44  [post iniziale]  Font names of 'FOUR' and 'Oh!' ?

24/10/2015 alle 20:12  [risposta]  Cartoon Network Byline

For crying out loud it's Times New Roman

Carattere suggerito: Times New Roman

21/10/2015 alle 14:19  [post iniziale]  'The Verz' font name please?

Much sad :'C

17/10/2015 alle 15:51  [risposta]  help me

Carattere suggerito: Gotham

16/10/2015 alle 20:36  [risposta]  Help with this font

Not sure that this is a font...just sayin'

15/10/2015 alle 18:35  [risposta]  what is this font?

This is as close as I could get... the 'S' is obviously edited and maybe even from another font, the 'P' might not exactly match but it's your decision weather you'll use this version or wait longer for the others to find something that's more convincing than my submission, or maybe the exact font... the rest is up to you....

Carattere suggerito: Arcron

15/10/2015 alle 18:23  [risposta]  font help

Carattere Identificato: Harrington

15/10/2015 alle 18:14  [risposta]  Ryan Adams - 1989

Carattere suggerito: Ticketbook Thin

15/10/2015 alle 17:47  [risposta]  what font is?

Carattere Identificato: Ink Blossoms Script

15/10/2015 alle 17:29  [risposta]  Speedy cash logo


Carattere suggerito: Circular

15/10/2015 alle 17:19  [risposta]  please help on this font

This is slightly-edited version of Distant Galaxy, so if you want the exact same font, you'll have to edit the 'R' and 'F'

Carattere suggerito: SF Distant Galaxy  (GiÓ suggerito qua)

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