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09/05/2016 alle 18:23  [post iniziale]  Ultra Clutch Font

Please help me identify this font that says "ULTRA CLUTCH" on the can. Thank you!

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09/08/2015 alle 18:00  [risposta]  What this font?

Font inspired by Hot Fuzz.

Carattere suggerito: Fuzzy Cops

03/08/2015 alle 17:30  [risposta]  [ Fuente? // Font? ]

This version of the logo is hand inked, and is not a font. The old version of the logo uses a similar font named Billabong.

GL Steak Brush also works too, being that the San Francisco production used that as the logo font, positioning and resizing each letter in "HEATHERS" and removing the accent mark of the "í" in "MUSICAL".

The real font:

Carattere suggerito: Steak Brush

30/06/2015 alle 16:11  [risposta]  Qual a fonte?

You can outsource the light version of this on Samsung's website using some "Inspect Element" tricks, but if you want this version, download the already outsourced font on 629Lyric's DeviantArt page .

Você pode terceirizar a versão light do presente no site da Samsung usando alguns " Inspect Element " truques , mas se você quiser esta versão , baixar a fonte já terceirizada na página de DeviantArt 629Lyric .

Carattere suggerito: Samsung Sharp Sans

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12/05/2015 alle 00:41  [risposta]  Screen Junkies font


Carattere Identificato: Fink Brush

06/05/2015 alle 21:56  [risposta]  VHS Font Please!!!!

Very similar font, formerly known as Lee Bold.

Carattere suggerito: Lester Bold

24/04/2015 alle 21:36  [risposta]  Diet Coke Font

Diet is the Loki Cola font. There is also another font file in this font folder that if you press C, you get the "Coke" logo.

Carattere suggerito: Loki Cola

13/04/2015 alle 22:03  [risposta]  Death Run 2 Font???

This one is very similar, condense it a bit and put a black outline.

Carattere suggerito: Dare

05/04/2015 alle 18:54  [risposta]  THIS FONT PLEASE

Carattere Identificato: Pieces NFI

31/03/2015 alle 23:41  [post iniziale]  Remember Your First Time...

I know this is commercial, please help me find this font.

21/03/2015 alle 20:27  [risposta]  Scott games logo

The free (stolen) version on dafont is Yellow Submarine.

Carattere suggerito: Yellow Submarine

14/03/2015 alle 20:27  [risposta]  help me !

Couldn't be, the M's are different.

12/03/2015 alle 00:28  [risposta]  fonts name ? please

Carattere Identificato: Anna

08/03/2015 alle 17:57  [risposta]  vaporwave art font

Carattere Identificato: VCR OSD Mono

08/03/2015 alle 16:34  [risposta]  What font is this?

I would say either a handdrawn, or custom modification of Algerian. Most likely drawn with pencil.

08/03/2015 alle 16:17  [risposta]  Font?

Lol, Shrek The Musical credits.

28/02/2015 alle 01:11  [risposta]  Ayuda!

Condensed, but exact font. (Condensed , pero la fuente exacta.)

Carattere Identificato: Super Mario 256

14/02/2015 alle 22:03  [risposta]  font help

Here is Caslon Antique, however, Corel's Casablanca Antique is a better font and looks more similar to this.

Carattere suggerito: Caslon Antique

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