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20/10/2021 alle 21:37  [post iniziale]  YOU Season 1

This is the cover of an original score show by NETFLIX
I need the font at the bottom of the cover, and the one under "YOU" logotype.
Thank you so much!
Original image was 3000x3000 but I had to reduce to half the size because it was to heavy to get uploaded.

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09/10/2021 alle 12:06  [post iniziale]  Need this font

Thank you

06/05/2021 alle 14:52  [post iniziale]  OWLLE (french musician)

This is a band, I think it's not just a design, because the "e" look alike the one from the single name. the "w" is probably the same as the "m" from mirage.

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28/04/2021 alle 13:08  [risposta]  Cagaster of an Insect Cage

Perfect ! Thank you so much

27/04/2021 alle 10:23  [post iniziale]  Cagaster of an Insect Cage

An anime licensed by Netflix, produced by Studio Kai,

24/03/2021 alle 09:45  [risposta]  izombie font?

This is Platypus

Carattere suggerito: Platypus

17/01/2021 alle 18:18  [risposta]  font name?

That's "Still Time"

Carattere Identificato: Still Time

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11/12/2020 alle 15:59  [post iniziale]  DOLLHOUSE Fox TV Series

I am looking for the DOLLHOUSE font from the FOX cancelled show.
Thanks a lot

22/11/2020 alle 17:37  [risposta]  i need help

The font is "TWILIGHT NEW MOON" on Dafont, you can find it for free on the link below.

Carattere Identificato: Twilight New Moon

22/11/2020 alle 17:33  [risposta]  Ratched font

Hi there,

I have isolated all the glyphs, it gives that font "Kunstler Script" I might be wrong, but it looks very similar.

I was searching for the "R" but it's obvious it was a glyph from another font, or made by the graphic designer "Benjamin Woodlock". He worked on the opening and credits of the series.

For the glyph I tend to think it was edited with a software to better the mood and the context of Ratched.

But feel free to correct me, I might be wrong.

Carattere suggerito: Kuenstler Script Com #2 Bold

26/05/2020 alle 02:02  [post iniziale]  Music band

The font for "Les jours d'orage"

This font is real and has been created only for the band for Regular Irregular. It has been created in 2018, fontmaker is unknown I know these datas because I got the font.

13/05/2020 alle 12:39  [risposta]  Japanese music band

BUMP please?

11/05/2020 alle 18:04  [post iniziale]  Japanese music band

Font of THE MUSMUS I know the font above has been edited

11/05/2020 alle 17:35  [risposta]  Music band

Merci beaucoup ! 😊

11/05/2020 alle 10:53  [post iniziale]  Japanese music band

Japanese music band typography for "OOO" 5th album of UPLIFT SPICE

Image for reference :

I know that's a font because I found it several years ago.

But can't find it again.

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11/05/2020 alle 10:52  [post iniziale]  Japanese music band


28/04/2020 alle 13:08  [risposta]  Music band

Oooh merci beaucoup ! 😊

28/04/2020 alle 11:20  [post iniziale]  Music band

What's the font please?

28/04/2020 alle 11:02  [post iniziale]  Music band

I am looking for this band font. It does exist but has been modified in order to match the band's requirements.

Thank you

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