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31/01/2016 alle 05:02  [post iniziale]  Font on the jersey

Need this font on the jersey please

31/01/2016 alle 04:02  [post iniziale]  Font inside the yellow circle

Can somenone please help me finding out which font is that inside the yellow circle?? Thanks in advance

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26/10/2015 alle 21:29  [post iniziale]  D.A.M.A font

Can someone help me finding out this font please?? Thanks in advance

05/07/2015 alle 23:16  [post iniziale]  George Ezra font

Can somebody please tell me which font is this??

20/04/2015 alle 22:48  [post iniziale]  Fonts

Can anyone tell me the 2 fonts used in this logo please? Much appreciated

20/08/2014 alle 19:11  [post iniziale]  This Sporting Lisbon fonts

Can somebody please tell me the name of the two fonts of the image?? Thanks

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