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27/07/2022 alle 03:13  [post iniziale]  Joan Jett & The Blackhearts font?

Can anybody help he identify the font that “Blackhearts” is in?
Thank you in advance for any help!

05/07/2020 alle 21:29  [risposta]  Font Please

Seems to be hand done, because the e’s are different. Great band!

04/07/2020 alle 02:17  [post iniziale]  Any help would be appreciated! :)

Hi! I’m trying to identify this font. I’d appreciate any help

18/02/2020 alle 21:00  [post iniziale]  Jersey Name & Number font?

Hello! I’m looking for the name and number fonts of this Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins hockey jersey. I’d highly appreciate any help! Thank you in advance

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30/10/2019 alle 20:09  [post iniziale]  Dermot Kennedy “Without Fear” font?

Hi! I’m looking for the font of “Without Fear” from Dermot Kennedy’s album cover. I’d appreciate any help! Thanks

09/11/2018 alle 20:27  [risposta]  The Aces band logo font?

fonatica ha detto  
Taken by Vultures

Thank you SO MUCH!!! I really appreciate it!

09/11/2018 alle 18:59  [post iniziale]  The Aces band logo font?

Hi! Does anybody know the font The Aces use for their logo that says "the aces"?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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14/08/2015 alle 09:31  [risposta]  Emily Kinney - This Is War


12/08/2015 alle 05:28  [post iniziale]  Emily Kinney - This Is War

Hello, I'd appreciate any help IDing the both of these fonts.

13/08/2014 alle 01:08  [risposta]  New Taylor Swift Font?

judahbalvuena ha detto  
Letter Gothic

Thank you!

11/08/2014 alle 21:48  [post iniziale]  New Taylor Swift Font?

Is the number sign (hashtag) a different font than the letters?

03/07/2014 alle 01:29  [post iniziale]  The Walking Dead intro fonts?

Does anybody know what these two fonts are?

Chronos ha detto  
Typewriter Condensed

Thank you so much!

02/07/2014 alle 00:54  [post iniziale]  Amnesia - 5 Seconds Of Summer font?

Just the "amnesia" font.

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01/07/2014 alle 07:00  [post iniziale]  Emily Kinney - Expired Love fonts

Hi! I'm looking for both fonts on this album cover.

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