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27/09/2018 alle 07:52  [risposta]  Original Tokyo Disneyland Logo Font

A font was designed to mimic the logotype called Urayasu, but as far as I know the original logotype is custom. The font is very well-designed, though.

Carattere Identificato: Urayasu

Modified version of Senator?

Carattere suggerito: Senator

Closer font for "Mickey"

Carattere suggerito: Wacky Mickey

08/05/2018 alle 02:06  [risposta]  HISTOIRE DE JOUETS

Carattere suggerito: Gill Sans UltraBold

08/05/2018 alle 01:22  [risposta]  Theatrical Treasure island Fonts?

Possibly a modified version of Caribbean? Not 100% sure, to be honest.

Carattere suggerito: Caribbean Island

18/12/2017 alle 17:18  [risposta]  It's A Small World Logo Font

Not an exact match but it's probably the closest you'll get. The Baileywick Happy Grams JF font also has some nice Small World-inspired dingbats that might be useful.


Carattere suggerito: Baileywick Festive JF

18/12/2017 alle 16:49  [risposta]  Halloween Parade

Not sure if you've identified the font or not yet, but here ya go. I have a special interest in both Disney and graphic design so cases like these mean a lot to me.


Carattere suggerito: Walshes

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