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11/04/2022 alle 22:42  [risposta]  please help !


22/09/2017 alle 20:52  [risposta]  Private Messages- Technical Issue

Thank you Rodolphe!

22/09/2017 alle 19:55  [risposta]  Private Messages- Technical Issue

Strangely enough, I am able to access messages through the links that are sent to my email account.

22/09/2017 alle 19:50  [post iniziale]  Private Messages- Technical Issue

When I open my private messages, the page simply loads no messages- like I never have messaged anyone before. I just noticed the error, all of my messages seem to be missing. Is anybody else having the same problem?

Guys this guy duplicated one of my posts for some weird reason
No idea who this quangngaicity guy is.

Original post-

23/07/2015 alle 03:39  [risposta]  'lofopi' logo

Pixel Rocks. Except for the I.

Carattere suggerito: Pixel rocks

20/07/2015 alle 23:33  [risposta]  Help with finding a font!!

This is close.

Carattere suggerito: Destiny

05/05/2015 alle 02:32  [risposta]  WHAT'S THE FONT

This is sorta close-ish

Carattere suggerito: Lakeside ha detto  
Am I right in saying most of these sites use bots to scan the web for new font releases? If so, is it practicable for dafont to implement some sort of authentication (e.g. Captcha) as part of the download process?

I second this idea.

Why don't you tell us what the font is so someone can help you.

01/03/2015 alle 23:52  [risposta]  Help with this font please?

Sort of-ish close.

Carattere suggerito: Animated

Hey guys,

I'm Geronimo. I make fonts. I'm an amateur and font creation is just a hobby to me. I only use free programs to make them because I'm not willing to fork out 350 dollars for software.
That being said, does anybody know of any font creating programs that are free or super cheap that are capable of generating 'grunge' fonts?

23/01/2015 alle 04:35  [post iniziale]  Font help

I know this isn't an actual font but I need something similar.

Ta da

Carattere Identificato: ChunkFive Ex

13/12/2014 alle 20:33  [risposta]  Nightcrawler font

This is not it but it seems pretty close

Carattere suggerito: Sundance Neue

06/12/2014 alle 00:33  [risposta]  What font is it?


06/12/2014 alle 00:32  [post iniziale]  Please help

What's the main font? I've seen it everywhere and it's driving me crazy!

15/11/2014 alle 18:45  [risposta]  Sterling Communications Logo

My best guess.

Carattere suggerito: Remachine Script

Pretty close

Carattere suggerito: Pepsi

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