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12/06/2014 alle 11:08  [post iniziale]  what font is the Run & bandz?

Please Help ! Im looking for the font that was used for the "RUN, BANDZ" text

27/04/2014 alle 22:55  [risposta]  Anyone know of this cool font? :)

Hey man since i love the gfx you be doing ill help you out this font is called "Ornate Hamilton"

Carattere Identificato: Hamilton Ornate

27/04/2014 alle 01:53  [post iniziale]  What font is this?

Looking for the name of this font or one thats similar

15/04/2014 alle 03:52  [post iniziale]  What font is this?


05/11/2013 alle 15:18  [post iniziale]  Anyone know what font this is?

The font that says "Frankie" i know the mic plug was edited, but i need the font plz and thank you.

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