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Hahaha - thanks for giving it a look:-)
I havent used the e-mail in enclosed in the folder with the fonts for eight or nine years, so i can't really blame them for not being able to contact me. I'd just like the verification, as it is pretty cool to have created something in your teens and having it end up there..


Id really like your opinions on this.
I made a bunch of fonts eight or nine years ago while visiting my mother in Australia, but it kinda lost my interest so i stopped.
Anyway, seeing the cover of the film "Death proof"( ) it really looked as though they'd actually used my fonts ""living hell"( ) for the grindhouse title, only editing out the tiny hand on the D, and the font "Dianna"( ) for the movie title. Apart from the lettering being closer together. Honestly - what do you think?

Thanks for paying attention :-)


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