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18/10/2013 alle 11:46  [risposta]  Grand Theft Auto "ONLINE" Font???

The font is not pricedown. that is the gta part. He was looking for the 'ONLINE' Part.


Modificato su 18/10/2013 alle 15:36 da drf

15/09/2013 alle 12:56  [risposta]  Razihel Homesick single cover

Im interested in this one... Also a huge fan of Razihel. ^w^

Also, SPARKLEZ! (ノ◕ヮ◕ ノ*:・゚✧

15/09/2013 alle 12:45  [risposta]  Font?

Definately this one.

Carattere suggerito: Caviar Dreams Bold

This might be it... with a few adjustments. IDFK

Carattere suggerito: Birth of a Hero

19/07/2013 alle 15:38  [risposta]  Avicii - Wake Me Up

I am currently making this font with fontstruct. it should be done soon.

11/07/2013 alle 15:29  [risposta]  avicii logo font

FOUND IT! Almost EXACTLY the same font! Its #1 on Techno>Various YOURE FREAKIN WELCOME! 8D

Carattere suggerito: Vermin Vibes 2 White

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