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14/11/2015 alle 22:36  [post iniziale]  What font is used in this icon?

Really cool icon by Jevgeni Striganov. What font is used here? Thanks!

06/04/2015 alle 08:05  [post iniziale]  What font is this?

Stampd LA produced this shirt awhile back. What typeface is this?

It's gorgeous. Thanks for any help!

15/07/2014 alle 19:22  [risposta]  Any ideas?

krlfrck ha detto  
Looks like a costum Gotham font to me.


alinapopescu9 ha detto  
Looks exactly like Proxima Nova Bold

Proxima Nova Bold

You found it! Thanks so much for the info, everybody!

14/07/2014 alle 23:05  [risposta]  Any ideas?

That's close - thanks! But the 'R' looks slightly different still haha. Driving me nuts.

14/07/2014 alle 19:29  [post iniziale]  Any ideas?

Any ideas?

It looks a lot like Montserrat, but there's something slightly different.

11/06/2014 alle 02:13  [post iniziale]  Font identification...

What is this font?

Thanks so much!!

26/05/2014 alle 23:20  [post iniziale]  What font is this?

Can anyone tell what font this is / if it's custom handwritten work? Thanks!

23/09/2013 alle 17:29  [risposta]  Stampd font?

@idkradical Thank you!

30/08/2013 alle 19:39  [post iniziale]  Stampd font?

What is the font used in the bold "Stampd" part of the logo?

xhakai ha detto  
Bou College

You are the man. Thanks so much.

Any idea what font is used here? I'm in love.

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