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23/09/2013 alle 16:10  [post iniziale]  Font used at top of poster

Thanks in advance

11/09/2013 alle 11:33  [post iniziale]  Help identifying this font

Thanks in advance!

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25/07/2013 alle 14:55  [risposta]  Font used on this menu

Thank you

25/07/2013 alle 14:49  [post iniziale]  Font used on this menu

Thanks in advance!

31/05/2013 alle 17:29  [risposta]  FONT USED IN THIS SIGN

Rocamaco, you were right, thanks a lot

31/05/2013 alle 16:10  [post iniziale]  FONT USED IN THIS SIGN

Hi, computer was wiped. Lost the font. Please help, I searched for hours, cant find it

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