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12/09/2019 alle 11:59  [risposta]  Is this a proper font?


I've already done some Googling and got the character viewer button on the menu bar of my Mac but I have no idea how to get the Stylistic and Titling alternative characters on either Photoshop or Word.

Any advice would be massively appreciated!


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11/09/2019 alle 11:51  [post iniziale]  Is this a proper font?

If so, what is it???

Hi all,

I'm looking for a font that's similar to what's Karen O & Danger Mouse's Lux Prima record. I love how it can be used as a main body sans serif font but how it also has enough design elements where it could be a header. I do quite like the slight spacey/mystic look to it but Aay suggestions of anything that remotely fit these catergories (even if they don't look remotely like the Lux Prima font) would be welcome. I'm just trying to find a font I wouldn't normally find!

Thanks so much!

12/02/2017 alle 21:51  [risposta]  wot dis

Go Jerseygirl! You're helping everyone out on here! Thanks so much x

12/02/2017 alle 21:26  [post iniziale]  wot dis


01/02/2016 alle 23:25  [post iniziale]  Anyone know this western style font?

01/01/2016 alle 22:58  [risposta]  EODM Font

It's the EODM font I'm after. I've found the other two

28/12/2015 alle 23:09  [post iniziale]  EODM Font

Can anyone help me out please?

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01/12/2014 alle 22:07  [risposta]  What font is this?

And that's why I couldn't find it! Thanks a lot man!

01/12/2014 alle 15:57  [post iniziale]  What font is this?

Tried all the other online ways of searching fonts but having no luck! Thanks in advance!

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11/04/2013 alle 22:42  [risposta]  Psychedelic Font

thank you SO MUCH! such a fast response! would never have found this in a million years!

11/04/2013 alle 21:57  [post iniziale]  Psychedelic Font

I used this font for my band ages ago and I can't remember what it is/where i got it from. Any help would be appreciated!

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