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I am stumped on the words
Bed and Breakfast
and Since 1810

anyone know if these are actual fonts?
Thank you!

anyone know the fonts in those 3 lines?

08/10/2013 alle 15:49  [post iniziale]  need help with a couple lines fonts

Could anyone identufy the font lines for
Thank you!

does anyone know the first line and the FARMER line or something very close?

Thank you so much!

I know the green font is grinched but does anyone know the red colored font style or something close?

can anyone help identify these fonts please
Thank you!

Anyone able to identify the font in this sign please.
Thank you

30/08/2013 alle 21:49  [post iniziale]  can anyone name this font for me please?

anyone help me name this font please
Thank you

Would anyone be able to hep me identify the fonts in these signs?
Thank you so much in advance

I thought it was curlz font but its not
anyone know? Thanks

Thank you!

06/08/2013 alle 21:58  [post iniziale]  anyone name this font for me please?

anyone name this font for me please?
Thank you!

Thank you do you also know the name of the narrower font in the picture?

I thought i found the "BOY" and the "HE" and the "mom" but fore some reason the one in the pictures looks alot narrower then what i tried using MS Gothic - also what is the writing font in this picture?
Thank you in advance for your help!

Anyone know the name of this font Please
Thank you

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