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27/10/2013 alle 12:36  [post iniziale]  Register name and copyrights for font.

I need informations about font.
So, how to register font name and put copyrights on it.
And what steps do you prefer for protecting a font from stealing and everything else?


01/07/2013 alle 14:00  [post iniziale]  font??


26/04/2013 alle 09:34  [risposta]  What is this font?

Thank you!
It is for commercial use or just for personal?

26/04/2013 alle 09:26  [post iniziale]  What is this font?

pls help

15/04/2013 alle 23:11  [post iniziale]  What is this font!?

Please help me with this one!

05/03/2013 alle 23:18  [risposta]  WHAT IS NAME OF THIS FONT?

Thank you, can you tell me just if is that font for commercial use or just for personal.
thank you very much

05/03/2013 alle 23:00  [post iniziale]  WHAT IS NAME OF THIS FONT?

Please can anyone tell me name of this font?
Thank you!

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