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07/04/2018 alle 17:00  [risposta]  What is the name of this font?

Bump. Anyone?

05/04/2018 alle 22:10  [post iniziale]  What is the name of this font?

Reminds me of my own, but looks more rounded and smooth.

17/03/2018 alle 20:33  [post iniziale]  Font from "Big Wednesday" movie logo

What is/are the font(s) used for this movie logo?
Can't really tell if both lines are from the same font.

Anyone knows who originally designed the digits seen on digital clocks and signs?

Here's an example:

10/11/2015 alle 18:09  [risposta]  anyone know?

09/11/2015 alle 20:01  [post iniziale]  Very hard to find the name of this...

It's the font used in Sweden's cinema brand, SF Bio.
I tried looking for it (even tried WhatTheFont) but without luck.

Anyone knows?

28/09/2015 alle 12:33  [post iniziale]  Name of font? Should be easy...

Anyone knows the name of this font?

10/06/2015 alle 15:27  [post iniziale]  "North" (1994 movie) title font?

Anyone knows?

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09/06/2015 alle 15:21  [risposta]  Weyland-Yutani logo fonts

Carattere suggerito: Microgramma

From the 1996 movie "The War at Home"

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26/05/2015 alle 14:56  [risposta]  Font?

Looks like the font from the 'The Lord of the Rings'/'The Hobbit' films.

Carattere Identificato: Ringbearer

26/05/2015 alle 14:49  [risposta]  Titanic poster font?

The SF Movie Poster font.

Carattere suggerito: SF Movie Poster

26/05/2015 alle 02:00  [post iniziale]  Names of these two fonts?

Anyone who might know?

07/05/2015 alle 16:08  [post iniziale]  What font is this?

It looks like a Helvetica, but not sure.

Sorry, my mistake. So judging from the first sample, would you say it's Berthold City or Square Slabserif?

They do look very similar, but I don't think it's either of them. Here's another picture to compare:

Does anyone know the name of the font used for the title of the 1987 television mini-series, "Amerika"?

30/01/2014 alle 19:14  [post iniziale]  How do I change username?

I didn't know where to ask this.
Just wondering if it's possible to change username (profile name)?

I see what you mean. Deleting some points might make the characters look smoother, but in this case, the irregularities is what makes the font characteristic and somewhat unique. Hence the name "Irregularis".

But thanks for the feedback!

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