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14/10/2022 alle 13:18  [risposta]  Brush Font


Modificato su 17/10/2022 alle 01:17 da frd

10/10/2022 alle 11:10  [post iniziale]  Brush Font

Does someone know this brush font?

01/06/2021 alle 10:57  [risposta]  Help me to find this font

I couldn't find the exact font, but this one is very close

Carattere suggerito: Averta

16/03/2017 alle 11:15  [risposta]  Delete comments

Great, thank you!

16/03/2017 alle 11:00  [post iniziale]  Delete comments

Hi there,
I accidentally posted a comment on my font twice, is there a possibility to delete one?

29/12/2016 alle 11:57  [risposta]  name font pleaseeeee

I would say it's not a font but handwritten.

29/12/2016 alle 11:44  [risposta]  SJ font:?

I would say that's actually no font but digitally handwritten.

29/12/2016 alle 11:14  [risposta]  Beyonce fan-page

It could be Roboto. If it's text from a website, you can see in the stylesheet which font it is.

Carattere suggerito: Roboto

23/12/2016 alle 14:02  [risposta]  Naming a new font version

Oh nooo I totally forgot about this thread LOL

Thank you both for your answers!

Actually I still couldn't make a decision... It's my Paper Banner Font I made a new version of, and this new version looks very similar to the old one as it's the same shapes, but cleaner and with a lot more glyphs.
So I now could name the new font "Paper Banner Pro", but I somehow think that name is too long (a single file would then be paperbannerprobold.ttf ). Or give it a totally new name, but then you could wonder why there are two names for the same shapes. Or I could rename the old font (as it's less important), and leave "Paper Banner" for the new one, but I don't know if that's confusing for those who already downloaded it here... My head is spinning I only know that I don't want to overwrite it.

I know that you can't make the decision for me and maybe I'm just making a mountain out of a molehill, buuuut anyway, I'd love to hear what you would think about it as someone who already got the old font and someone who will only see the new one.


18/10/2016 alle 10:12  [post iniziale]  Naming a new font version

Hi guys,
I created a font some years ago and at the moment I'm working on a new version of it. It's basically the same, but with more extra glyphs and international support and neater outlines.
Now I don't know if I should make a completely new font out of it, with a completely new name, or if I just say it's a 'pro' version of the old font (but then I don't know how to name it in order to avoid confusion).
Do you have any advice how to handle the situation?

10/08/2016 alle 08:00  [risposta]  Something like Lavanderia

09/08/2016 alle 08:05  [risposta]  Licencing for Photo Website

I wouldn't consider that as personal. As you plan to make money from your photographs, you would using the fonts for your business, and that's not personal

However, to be sure you can ask the authors as jerseygirl said, maybe they are okay with that.

frd ha detto  
Hi, things can take a little bit more time in the summer. Everything will be reviewed as soon as possible, don't worry.

Good to hear that, thanks

I have the same question. I updated a font last week and wondered how long it would take. The last updates were 4 weeks ago, so there should be another update soon?!

And I also uploaded a new font last week but in the meantime other new fonts were already released, but not mine. Was it not good enough or have I just to wait a bit longer?

02/08/2016 alle 08:41  [risposta]  Making money from Font creations

NuFonts ha detto  

Thanks for the info!

Also in your experience what would you recommend for the licensing method?

Actually I can't recommend anything as I don't know which method is the best
Here on Dafont I have (or will have, as soon as my new font is accepted) three different licenses: 100% free, free for personal use and donationware. For the last two you have to pay if you want to use the font commercially.
On CreativeMarket you always have to pay to use the font.

I'm curious which method will work best in the future, and once I know what works best for ME, I will concentrate on that.

(Hope this makes any sense haha)

28/07/2016 alle 13:34  [risposta]  Making money from Font creations

I get donations for my fonts now an then, it's really not much, but considered that I made the fonts just for fun it's quite nice
I also started a shop on CreativeMarket recently to sell fonts (actually there IS an evaluation process, you have to apply for opening a shop. However, after that you can upload whatever you want, that's correct), and I'm curious how this will develop

26/07/2013 alle 23:37  [risposta]  How to write a permission?

I've got so far

"I, (Name), hereby give permission for (Name), to use my font (Name) for commercial purpose for a donation of 10$."

Is this ok?

26/07/2013 alle 23:29  [post iniziale]  How to write a permission?

Hey there!

I got a donation for one of my fonts for commercial use. The donor now want a written permission.
Honestly I never thought of that and I have no idea how to write this.

Is it enough to write a letter in business style and write that I give that person permission to use the font for commercial purpose? Do I have to say that the permission isn't transferable or something like that?

Please help me, thank you

17/02/2013 alle 20:13  [risposta]  Which order?

Oh, all right! Thanks a lot

17/02/2013 alle 18:53  [risposta]  Which order?

It's one font with three faces. Of course I would upload them in one zip file, but can I somehow appoint one font face to be the preview font (the one you see when you look for fonts)? Or will it be selected by chance?

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