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25/06/2019 alle 17:28  [post iniziale]  Looking for the script font

Does anyone knows that font ? Thank you in advance.

11/12/2018 alle 19:11  [post iniziale]  Mission Impossible 3

Hello, I am looking for the font of the title, I already know that the text under is Bank Gothic, thanks for your help.

13/07/2018 alle 22:02  [risposta]  Movie

Carattere Identificato: Jaapokki

07/07/2018 alle 23:29  [risposta]  LONG RIDERS! Font?

I don't think it's Vag Rounded Black, because the letters are thinner. Maybe you can try to use Frankfurter, it'd neither the font of your picture but close and very bold.

Carattere suggerito: Frankfurter

Carattere Identificato: Color Tube

05/07/2018 alle 18:58  [risposta]  Help with that font

This one is the same but without the shadow.

Carattere suggerito: Cinema Solid

05/07/2018 alle 18:44  [risposta]  McDonald's me encanta

Carattere suggerito: Helvetica Neue

05/07/2018 alle 18:41  [risposta]  Help with that font

The white with color shade "Epic & Cinema". The artwork you have here is very interesting, can you post it in ? Or if you don't want, can you give me the link to find that picture ?
Alas the font doesn't seems to be available to download

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05/07/2018 alle 18:30  [risposta]  Need to find what font is this one

Cette police vient en effet d'un site dédié aux polices gratuites, c'est la fonderie Velvetyne. La police utilisée est Grotesk, la typo de la ville de Paris.

Carattere Identificato: Grotesk


Carattere Identificato: Bernhard Gothic


Carattere Identificato: Futura


Carattere suggerito: Zapfino  (Già suggerito qua)


Carattere Identificato: Optima


Carattere Identificato: Hagin


Carattere Identificato: Scriptina

01/07/2018 alle 11:55  [risposta]  Fonts?

Carattere suggerito: Nickainley

30/06/2018 alle 03:26  [risposta]  ?

Carattere Identificato: OPTI Androcles

30/06/2018 alle 03:25  [risposta]  ?

Carattere Identificato: Serif Gothic

29/06/2018 alle 22:25  [risposta]  Does someone know this font?

Carattere Identificato: Devinne Ornament

29/06/2018 alle 22:21  [risposta]  What font is this?

Carattere Identificato: Nickainley

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