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31/01/2016 alle 03:31  [post iniziale]  Patreon font?

05/02/2015 alle 13:58  [risposta]  Lay's chips

hobo looks close but lacks the tail piece that sticks up off the "a" at the top

01/02/2015 alle 22:14  [post iniziale]  Lay's chips

any help would be awesome

26/12/2013 alle 21:59  [risposta]  Bartles & Jaymes

hmmm... not sure if that is exactly it, maybe a bit tall...but I know how to fix that in photoshop and illustrator so thank you... crap it's not free :(

Modificato su 26/12/2013 alle 22:00 da CMK101380

26/12/2013 alle 21:40  [post iniziale]  Bartles & Jaymes

any one got an Idea? thanks in advance

01/08/2013 alle 15:23  [post iniziale]  any help with 1960s X-Men Font

10/04/2013 alle 22:15  [risposta]  Classic Wonder Woman

not looking for the the streaks just the lettering

10/04/2013 alle 08:44  [post iniziale]  New Wonder Woman Logo

Any help with this would be awesome

10/04/2013 alle 08:43  [post iniziale]  Classic Wonder Woman

any one help with this one?

05/02/2013 alle 13:46  [risposta]  poundpuppies logo font?

that looks pretty spot on

05/02/2013 alle 07:44  [post iniziale]  poundpuppies logo font?

any one got any Ideas?

31/08/2012 alle 03:38  [post iniziale]  Tarot

can any one help me with the font for the word tarot?

12/08/2012 alle 13:53  [risposta]  Font identification...

here ya go

Carattere Identificato: Scribble Box

12/08/2012 alle 06:29  [risposta]  Can I get help Identifying this ?

thank you very much

12/08/2012 alle 05:41  [post iniziale]  Can I get help Identifying this ?

Thanks in advance!

12/08/2012 alle 05:39  [post iniziale]  Can some one help Identify this font?

thanks in advance

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