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11/09/2013 alle 17:19  [post iniziale]  Billy Argel Font

How do you get rid of the "Personal Use" phrase on some of the Caps in the Billy Argel Font?

02/08/2012 alle 23:36  [risposta]  Fonts not 'installing'

Thanks, but i have tried that. When you try to unzip it, it says there is nothing there. When you try to "open" it, it says the file is corrupted or invalid.

02/08/2012 alle 20:51  [risposta]  Fonts not 'installing'

prettyprincess<3 ha detto  
Fonts not 'installing'

I have Windows XP and I put the zip folder of the font into the Fonts folder on my computer and it says that it is 'invalid' or 'damaged.' I have tried to extract the file, however it does not work. Could anyone help me with this problem? Love using but can never download the fonts. Thanks

I am having the same problem. Can someone help? Have used Dafonts before with no problem.

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