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17/03/2013 alle 01:31  [risposta]  Pay to create a font

What's it look like?

24/10/2012 alle 17:17  [risposta]  What's the deal with

I wrote 'em a letter, that's all we can do.
My brother and I discussed this matter last night
and pretty much came to the same conclusion; it's gonna happen, deal with it.

I'm pissed that places like ffonts and fonts101 are stealing my free fonts
and making money from advertising from paid sponsors, but the real problem is going to
be when I invest 3 months into hand painting an entire font set that will
require a commercial license, and see some asshole just giving it away for free,
or worse, selling it as their own font.

There has to be something you can do if someone is selling your font, I hope?

Thanks for the response!


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24/10/2012 alle 08:32  [post iniziale]  What's the deal with

I've noticed they have our (epicdelusions') fonts available for free download
when we have never submitted anything to them.

I've also noticed almost every font that is available on here, was uploaded on there by
a font101bot.

Who is fonts101? Are they affiliated with
Definitely a violation of my license agreement.

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22/10/2012 alle 01:17  [risposta]  Readme File didn't show up

Ah, thank you!

21/10/2012 alle 18:46  [post iniziale]  Readme File didn't show up

Just submitted my first font, and I uploaded the .zip file with the readme files in it, but when you download it from here, the readme files don't show up.

Does anyone know how to correct this? Thanks!


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