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03/01/2013 alle 11:16  [risposta]  Help Please?

Really Thanks!!

03/01/2013 alle 10:30  [post iniziale]  Help Please?

i need to know witch font is this.

is not beval, but very similar....

31/07/2012 alle 10:47  [risposta]  La Cuina

thanks, Koelekat

- daaams... if you saw the previous work..... a restaurant men˙ in Comic Sans... PAIN!

31/07/2012 alle 09:23  [post iniziale]  La Cuina

a Client Ask me to reproduce this font as he had in their old image..., at the very first view I thought it was a Shelley Alegro with border, but not, because the r, could you help me to find this font?


26/07/2012 alle 08:58  [risposta]  please, help me with this font

26/07/2012 alle 08:49  [post iniziale]  please, help me with this font

i need to find this font or similar, thanks

17/07/2012 alle 16:27  [post iniziale]  whitch font is this?

is very similar to DIN, but is not DIN (the i and g looks really different) and can't identify it, so please if you could help me i will be very pleased!

22/06/2012 alle 10:46  [risposta]  please, help me with this font

drf_ ha detto  
The ampersand is from the Italic version.

Baskerville Classico Bold


22/06/2012 alle 08:59  [risposta]  please help me.

is not exactly Palestina light OT, (because the G) but is VERY similar, and maybe it could help you... hope so

Carattere suggerito: Palestina Light

22/06/2012 alle 08:44  [post iniziale]  please, help me with this font

I need it for the &

18/05/2012 alle 13:11  [risposta]  Font name ?

it seems is nobel regular for MARKET

Carattere suggerito: Nobel

the font is vegur bold, you can just read it in the web css...
#page-headings h1 {
color: #464D5C;
font-family: 'Vegur';
font-size: 48px;
font-weight: bold;
white-space: nowrap;
Vegur bold in 48px.

Carattere Identificato: Vegur Bold

18/05/2012 alle 12:47  [risposta]  please, help me with this font

didn't have anything more...
this is part of a business card a client ask me to reproduce... the A is de decoration of the card, and this is what is shown, (and I had to take it from a trama.... I did my best...)

17/05/2012 alle 12:16  [post iniziale]  please, help me with this font

24/04/2012 alle 16:10  [risposta]  What the font?

Carattere Identificato: Friz Quadrata Bold OS

24/04/2012 alle 14:51  [post iniziale]  this font?

need to find this or a similar font, thanks

24/04/2012 alle 14:50  [risposta]  Please help to find this font

OMG so great, thanks you!!!

24/04/2012 alle 14:18  [post iniziale]  Please help to find this font

need to find this font, thanks for helping

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