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24/10/2012 alle 18:15  [risposta]  Selling a font

Yeah. I suppose it would be installed on 1 computer that is doing the printing. I've licensed the font differently in the past.
I price based on usage. If its a small hobby or company I don't charge them because they more than likely dont have the money. If they sell anything they are asked to donate what they feel its worth, and people have done that several times. If its a larger company like now or like a few in the past, they don't have any issues paying a few hundred/thousand for a typeface. I spoke with a friend at ADIDAS marketing and they said they've paid 15,000$ for a 1 year license before. I was shocked fonts get that high.

thanks again for the replies guys! I already made a pretty fair deal with the company

18/10/2012 alle 22:17  [risposta]  Selling a font

@malvolio -- just got the server back online! yes it is

@koeiekat -- Thanks for the info! I cant really agree thats its only usage is for small size. I have a guy that used this font on his yatch in the UK and each letter is about 1.5FT tall and its crisp and clean. I've also had it used smaller on restaurant menus and it also turned out. This was the first font I have created and I most definitely could have made it better had I put more time into it. ie. added accented characters

I'm not really concerned with the money aspect, I just wanted an idea of what I should ask them since they asked me. I get more out of seeing it be used and people liking it than charging people money to use it.

I appreciate the replies guys. It helped a lot!

Thanks again!

18/10/2012 alle 19:25  [risposta]  Selling a font

LOL. Cloudflare does a bad job of that. My server is down for maintenance atm D:

check profile?

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18/10/2012 alle 18:53  [risposta]  Selling a font

How do you find that out? Doesnt the author usually have you contact them for the usage price?

18/10/2012 alle 18:45  [risposta]  Selling a font

Yeah, its just the usage of the font. They wont want the rights to own it.
I'll try to check into the shareware fonts, but im still confused

Thanks for the reply!!

17/10/2012 alle 23:09  [post iniziale]  Selling a font

I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I'm hoping you guys can help me out.

Recently A rather lager company approached me to use a font I made on some of their products. What is the best way to go about this? How do you price something like that to license out. Do you set a one time price? Percentage sold? Price by lot/unit?
The company owns about 7-8 different major clothing brands, so I dont think they are small

any help is appreciated!!

14/03/2011 alle 04:14  [post iniziale]  El Paso font

What I want is the font that says, TACO DINNER KIT -- its a script but I have no idea what one

08/02/2011 alle 21:23  [risposta]  cheese and burger

Pretty sure the Cheese / Burger part is STAR SERIES, i've used this font many times.

Carattere suggerito: Star Series

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